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The Guardian has reported on increasing number of charities leaving the mandatory work activity scheme, with Sue Ryder announcing its departure from the scheme last week, as well as Sense and PDSA announcing their withdrawal earlier this year. The newspaper also mentioned the departure of the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, Age UK and Scope from the scheme in the past year.

The newspaper said these departures are ‘leading to fears that the entire scheme could soon become unviable if not enough month-long placements can be found.’ Kirsty McHugh, Chief Executive of the Employment Related Services Association refuted these fears, and said there was ‘no evidence that work placements are proving harder to find.’

Meanwhile, it was reported in Third Sector that Barnardo’s denies taking part in the scheme. Barnardo’s was one of the charities flagged by Boycott Workfare, which has been campaigning to end compulsory work placements, Third Sector has mentioned.

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