The Scottish Bill

January 23, 2015 12:53 am Published by

Following today’s publication, the UK Government will undertake an engagement programme across Scotland to ensure that people have the opportunity to contribute their views as work continues to prepare the draft legislation for introduction in Parliament. The following points are of particular interest to the sector:   Overview of employment support The Scottish Parliament will have all powers over support for unemployed people through the employment programmes currently contracted by DWP (which are presently delivered mainly, but not exclusively, through the Work Programme and Work Choice) on expiry of the current commercial arrangements. The Scottish Parliament will have the power to decide how it operates these core employment support services. Funding for these services will be transferred from the UK... View Article

The myth of the value of the unpaid internship

January 7, 2015 2:37 am Published by

One of the employment phenomena of recent times is the explosion in the number of unpaid internships. In the UK and abroad many companies and organisations have organised zero-or-low pay internship programmes, ostensibly as a first step on the career ladder for young people seeking to get started in competitive industries. As the recession bit harder so these internships proliferated, suggesting that there were more factors at play than merely the cultivation of talent and offering of training and opportunities to keen young workers. Have they proven a useful tool for young graduates, or a means by which less scrupulous organisations can circumnavigate the minimum wage? Even as of 4 years ago there were, according to the Institute for Public... View Article