Labour Market Information

June 15, 2016 2:27 pm Published by

Unemployment is 1,671,000, down 22,000 from last month’s published figure (quarterly headline down 20,000) and the unemployment rate is 5%, down 0.1 percentage points on last month and down 0.1 percentage points on last quarter. The number of claimant unemployed is 746,100, down 400 on last month, and the claimant rate is 2.2%. The number of workless young people (not in employment, full-time education or training) is 1,030,000, down 6,000 on the quarter, representing 14.3% of the youth population (no change on last quarter. Youth unemployment (including students) is 621,000, down 11,000 on the quarter. There are 2.2 unemployed people per vacancy. The employment rate is 74.2% (no change on last month’s published figure and up 0.1 percentage points in... View Article

Why All Businesses Should Support Diversity

June 5, 2016 2:10 am Published by

By Stuart Dee In my role, I’m often asked why inclusion is so important and my answer is always the same: the success of any business depends on it. You wouldn’t be blamed for having a certain amount of cynicism about what motivates big corporations or financial institutions to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion but at RBS we have a sincerely-held belief that by putting the needs of our customers and colleagues at the heart of everything we do, we can create a bank where, as well as delivering high-quality service, everyone feels valued. It is something all leading businesses should do. The theory is simple, but putting it into practice and bringing about real cultural change takes... View Article