Our aim at Kirkwood Consulting is to be the number one choice for training and recruitment solutions for our clients within the welfare to work, skills, education and engineering sector.

About us

Kirkwood Consulting is a provider of training and recruitment solutions to the Welfare to Work, Employment, Skills, Education and Engineering  sector. Our focus is to provide a consultative, intelligent and professional service that provides solutions and promotes diversity, inclusion and social mobility within the workplace. Our areas of expertise are primarily in Recruitment, Pre-Employment Training, and the Delivery of Government Into Work Programmes.

Our Team

Our team is truly diverse and that has helped to shaped us as a business. We come from 10 different countries, we speak over 15 languages and have over 175 years’ of experience as trainers and recruiters. Diversity and Inclusion has most certainly increased innovation and success within the business.

Our Track Record

Over the last 10 years, Kirkwood consulting has worked with organisations across the UK to enhance their global talent pool by recruiting and retaining a diverse candidate pool, that has allowed our clients to benefit from the fierce competition within the marketplace.

We have also delivered training programmes, supported organisations with the delivery of government programmes and worked with Investment Banks and Universities in London to increase BAME minority appointments into internship roles within the sector.

Our Commitment

We work with universities to identify young BAME talent and future leaders to support with the drive and creation of opportunities to increase social mobility, diversity and inclusion within corporate finance and engineering, as part of our STEM drive.

Our Culture and Values

Kirkwood Consulting is a values-led company that believes success and growth come from having a diverse workforce and environment, where innovation, inclusion, creativity and character development is encouraged. We also continually strive to improve our services and never overlook the importance of how we deliver value for money to our clients.


Throughout the recruitment process Kirkwood Consulting is wholeheartedly committed to supporting the principles of equal opportunities and social inclusion therefore we oppose all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of gender, colour, race, nationality, ethnic origin, sex, marital status, disability, part-time or fixed-term status, parental responsibilities, age, religion or sexual orientation.

Our culture supports diversity beyond the recruitment stage and it is very much embedded into what we do and how we do business. We champion diversity, inclusion and social mobility and believe its sets us apart from our competitors.