To assess your skills and explore career options, complete the Skills Health Check on the National Careers Service website. It contains ten assessments covering personal skills and practical skills. The assessments include looking at skills areas, interests, personal style, motivation, literacy, numeracy, attention to detail and problem solving. After completing one or more assessments, it will provide a report with job suggestions and other resources, based on your results. The process of completing the assessments is often insightful.

Have a look at relevant or interesting job profiles on National Careers Service or get information on what skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications are required for different jobs, as well as where opportunities relating to that job can be found. There are over 700 job profiles listed.

Investigate suitable training opportunities which relate to new or existing career options, using information from job profiles on National Careers Service or at where there is a section on financial help for adult learners and professional and career development loans.

Consider self employment or setting up your own business and get start up advice from Barclays or Lloyds bank or by looking at: or HMRC.

Consider voluntary work to gain recent experience to enable the change of career direction or to build up confidence levels by looking at volunteering positions at Do It or the Citizens Advice.

Voluntary work can also enhance the hobbies & interests section of a CV and provide an interesting talking point during interviews, as well as providing a recent referee.

Find out more about labour market trends in your sector by looking at:, or CIPD where Information is available on skill requirements and skill shortages, occupation trends and professional bodies.

Funding for Eligible 3 & 4 year Olds

Parents can check whether they could be eligible for a range of government childcare offers, including 30 Hours of Free Childcare, via Childcare Choices at: Childcare Choices, and can access the Childcare Calculator at Childcare Calculator. Those who could be eligible for 30 Hours of Free Childcare and/or Tax-Free Childcare will be directed to the digital childcare service to apply.

For information & calculation of benefits, taxation, advice & guidance then visit Money Saving ExpertMoney Tax and Benefits or

For travel information and how to get around visit TFL.