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The challenge

To introduce a radical new leadership programme at a London Borough Council, which would address the personal, historical, cultural and process challenges, against a backdrop of organisation-wide plans to restructure housing repairs and maintenance services.

After conducting a comprehensive review and analysis of previous leadership programmes it was identified that a high impact, experience based leadership programme was required to address training gaps and meet development needs. The programme was designed to equip the senior management team with the knowledge, skills and confidence they require to become high performing managers and confident leaders. Creating the right working environment for their teams, to enable process improvements and facilitate the delivery of successful projects and partnerships across the directorate.

Programme design

  • Empower and equip the managers with the knowledge and skills required to become high performing managers and confident leaders.
  • Engage and create peer learning to draw upon one another’s experiences, broaden their intellectual horizons and bolster their capacities for leadership through experiential learning and group participation.
  • Allow emphasis on reflection and peer learning so managers can assess the impact of their behaviours and identify areas for improvement.
  • Support managers to build an internal support network for their learning and development.

Programme features

Key features of the programme included modular delivery, video’s, podcasts, survey’s, individual assessments, workshops, case studies and management theories/practices as well as group/individual coaching and mentoring sessions.


Performance outcomes

  • 100% “good” or “excellent” overall course rating
  • 100% “good” or “excellent” format and content rating
  • 85% of the programme participants completing the 6 week programme

Objective outcomes

  • Increased knowledge and developed leadership and management skills
  • Strengthen leadership team capacity
  • Managers gained a deeper appreciation of the difference in individuals, cultures and communication styles.
  • Improved delegation and organisational skills
  • Increased confidence to be more open-minded to change and a stronger belief in their ability to positively influence and impact change
  • Improved knowledge and confidence in implementing performance management regimes

The Challenge

We were part of an experienced team that was tasked with the roll-out Microsoft Teams across Westminster to allow people to work remotely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

The aim is to rapidly deploy MS Teams, and train civil servants worldwide in its use, to transform the way they worked with each other and with external partners.  The objective was also to enable them to collaborate and communicate effectively and facilitate remote working especially considering the onset of Covid-19 and the government directive for everyone to work from home.

The Outcome

By the Easter weekend Teams had been rolled-out to just under 1,000 people and by the end of the project over 15,700 users were using Microsoft teams.

Participant Feedback

I now understand the difference between Leadership and Management. Most importantly, I am focused on developing communication and skills within my team. I realised I have been operating as a manager not a leader, so I will empower others to act and step up more. I will delegate, listen more and look at succession planning within my team.


Having a group to share with has been great. I am on a development journey and I will set achievable goals for individual members of my team and hold regular meetings with other participating managers.


I am less reactive, reflecting more and taking time out to actually lead. I learnt some very useful things and it was great to gain some experience from the private sector, which can be used in the public sector.


For me, I know I need to be consistent in my approach, challenge the process and enable others to act. I want to bring my teams together more, to share best practice and identify opportunities for improvement.


I am reflecting more on my practice as a leader and now understand that I can influence others to change especially where communication is excellent. I feel much more confident.



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