National Apprenticeship Week: Inside Success

It’s National Apprentice Week this week (celebrating from 7th-13th February), which seems a perfect time to talk about the many benefits of degree apprenticeship. 

Finding your first job can be difficult. It can be even harder if you don’t have the skills or experience to start on your desired career path. What is the solution? Not everyone can afford university costs, especially post-pandemic. Even those that can afford such degrees may still graduate without the work experience that employers want to see. 

Degree apprenticeships solve this problem. 

They are a hybrid undertaking, combining on-the-job training with studying for a higher-level qualification. In a nutshell: they are a paid job that allows you to learn as you work. As any university graduate will tell you, an opportunity that cushions the financial blow of a student loan is worthwhile. 

This kind of on-the-job training significantly increases career progression opportunities for graduates. Courses are comprehensive, and focus on the most relevant and useful skills for a chosen profession. This ensures students are well-prepared for the next stage in their career, and can confidently pursue advancement. 

Potential students can choose from a wide range of degree apprenticeships in the UK. Although financial disciplines are arguably the most popular, there are degree apprenticeships in marketing and innovation, charity and philanthropy, and even manual specialisms like masonry and architecture restoration. 

Although the word ‘apprentice’ conjures the idea of a young worker just starting out in their career, these opportunities aren’t exclusive to school leavers and new graduates. Foundation courses are available for most industry sectors, but apprentices can study at every level, all the way up to an Executive PhD. 

No wonder this week is a cause for celebration! The possibilities of success with degree apprenticeships seem endless. To find out more, visit:

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